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  • 251-255 Stirling Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000
  • Email: or Call us: +61 418 501 796

Our Mission

To empower international students by providing access to high-quality education across various sectors, fostering a student-centric environment, and nurturing their personal and professional growth.

Alliance Members

About WAEA


The Western Australia Education Alliance (WAEA) is a dynamic and esteemed consortium that represents a diverse range of premier educational providers based in Perth, Western Australia. Our consortium serves as a collective voice for these exceptional institutions, which encompass various sectors including English language instruction, vocational training, higher education, and university programs.

At the core of our mission is a deep understanding that the true essence of education lies within the individual schools themselves. We recognize that each institution within our consortium is unique, with its own distinct identity, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

We understand that choosing the right educational pathway is a crucial decision, particularly for international students seeking to pursue their dreams of education and professional success. As a consortium, our primary goal is to advocate for international students and provide a platform through which they can explore the wealth of educational opportunities available in Perth – Western Australia.


Through collaborative partnerships, we foster a student-centric approach, facilitating holistic development and personal growth. We encourage international students to take advantage of the vast opportunities available within our consortium, from enhancing language proficiency to pursuing vocational training or higher education programs.


Together, we form a united front, dedicated to promoting the exceptional educational experiences available in Western Australia to international students worldwide.


Choose the schools represented by WAEA as your gateway to a transformative educational journey. We are here to guide, support, and empower you as you pursue your dreams of education and professional success.

Meet WAEA Representative


The WAEA consortium takes great delight in appointing as the WAEA representative, recognizing her invaluable wealth of knowledge and extensive personal experiences. Her innate comprehension of the manifold advantages of living in Perth, combined with comprehensive insights into each institution under WAEA, uniquely positions Marcia to empower students to flourish in their educational and professional pursuits.

Moreover, she plays a pivotal role in cultivating strategic partnerships with education agents, institutions, industries, and government entities, all aimed at delivering optimal outcomes for our students and advancing our business interests.

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The Navigating the LATAM Market for WA Education project for the WAEA is supported by Study Perth via Innovation Fund Program